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Presentation Schedule

BME 2/300: 1153 Mechanical Engineering Building

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Analysis of insulating properties of skin (rodent) Prof. Justin Williams
12:20 pm Automation setup for the photochemical/thermal synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals Prof. Justin Williams
12:35 pm Balloon Dilation Device for Nasopharyngeal Stenosis Prof. Filiz Yesilkoy
12:50 pm Computed Tomography (CT) circulation phantom to assess hyperdynamic contrast flow rates Prof. Justin Williams
1:05 pm Dual handheld and video otoscopy unit Prof. Justin Williams
1:20 pm Dynamic balance device Prof. Filiz Yesilkoy
1:35 pm Intraoperative patient warming device Prof. Filiz Yesilkoy
1:50 pm Rising against cancer: a novel deformable phantom for upright radiotherapy validation Prof. Filiz Yesilkoy

BME 2/300: 1227 Engineering Hall

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm CPAP Humidifier Auto-Refill Prof. John Puccinelli
12:20 pm Johnson Health Tech: Height adjustable magnetic resistance SkiErg Prof. John Puccinelli
12:35 pm Lock washer for dental implant-supported restorations Prof. John Puccinelli
12:50 pm Machine learning for salivary gland ultrasound scoring Dr. Cameron Casey
1:05 pm Noninvasive measurement of peripheral oxygen extraction ratios Prof. John Puccinelli
1:20 pm Specialized pads for dual-sequential defibrillation Prof. John Puccinelli
1:35 pm Stroke rehabilitation using Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology Dr. Cameron Casey
1:50 pm Virtual Reality Mirror Eye Tracker (VRMET) Prof. John Puccinelli

BME 2/300: 2534 Engineering Hall

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Adjustable positioning device for magec rod lengthening in children with special needs Dr. Christa Wille
12:20 pm Checking the beat: validation of a novel deformable 3D-Printed heart model for radiotherapy applications Prof. William Murphy
12:35 pm Cigarette smoking cessation lighter and mobile app Prof. William Murphy
12:50 pm Low-interference wheelchair footrest Prof. William Murphy
1:05 pm Patent Ductus Arteriosus stent placement device Prof. William Murphy
1:20 pm Smart walker Dr. Christa Wille
1:35 pm Sterile temporary plate fixation clamps Dr. Christa Wille
1:50 pm Structural and mechanical functions of bones, muscles and joints by use of 3D models in veterinary medical education Dr. Christa Wille

BME 2/300: 3024 Engineering Hall

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Lower extremity force plates to determine accuracy of biomechanical movement of crew athletes during erging and sweep rowing Prof. Joshua Brockman
12:20 pm Microscope cell culture incubator Prof. Joshua Brockman
12:35 pm Microscope low-cost motorized stage Prof. Joshua Brockman
12:50 pm BioMEMS low-cost photomask aligner Prof. Joshua Brockman
1:05 pm Modified vaginal contraceptive ring Prof. Pamela Kreeger
1:20 pm Neonatal 22-23-week premature infant simulation manikin Prof. Pamela Kreeger
1:35 pm Point of care biosensor microfluidic cartridge Prof. Pamela Kreeger
1:50 pm Vaginal self-swab device to minimize contact contamination Prof. Pamela Kreeger

BME 2/300: 3127 Mechanical Engineering Building

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Alert device for walker Dr. Megan Settell
12:20 pm Assistive device to help wheelchair users hoist pants all the way up Prof. Randolph Ashton
12:35 pm Coupling Ultrasound and CT Histotripsy Dr. Brandon Coventry
12:50 pm Dislodgement resistant endoscopic dissecting cap Dr. Megan Settell
1:05 pm Intra - Vert Prof. Randolph Ashton
1:20 pm Noninvasive device monitoring of sarcopenia Dr. Brandon Coventry
1:35 pm Rapid urine stone risk detector Prof. Randolph Ashton
1:50 pm Targeted thermal massage device for meibomian gland dysfunction Prof. Randolph Ashton

BME 400: 2317 Engineering Hall

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Capillary Refill Simulator Dr. Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez
12:20 pm Catheter for ablation of common arrhythmia type Dr. Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez
12:35 pm Emergency cricothyroidotomy device Dr. Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez
12:50 pm Eye drop assistant Prof. Tracy Jane Puccinelli
1:05 pm High-fidelity surgical marking pen for cleft lip repair Dr. Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez
1:20 pm Layered facial model for injections of facial fillers to teach anatomy and avoidance of blood vessels Prof. Tracy Jane Puccinelli
1:35 pm Radiologic pathologic correlation in renal cell carcinoma Prof. Tracy Jane Puccinelli
1:50 pm Tissue Model of The Epithelial Mesenchymal Trophic Unit Prof. Tracy Jane Puccinelli

BME 400: 1164 Mechanical Engineering Building

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm AI-powered laryngoscope for enhanced neonatal intubation training Prof. Paul Campagnola
12:20 pm Boston Scientific: Endoluminal, full thickness tumor resection device Prof. Paul Campagnola
12:35 pm Cyst blaster: minimally invasive device to remove baker cysts Prof. Sarah Sandock
12:50 pm Microfluidic chip to isolate midbody remnants or large extracellular vesicles using a magnetic field Prof. Paul Campagnola
1:05 pm xDI: Force-controlled cartilage bioreactor Prof. Paul Campagnola

BME 400: 3121 Mechanical Engineering Building

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Amplified Stethoscope Prof. Amit Nimunkar
12:20 pm Exact Sciences: An accurate and efficient method of performing wireless temperature calibration Prof. Amit Nimunkar
12:35 pm Implantable pressure sensing device for longitudinal intracranial pressure monitoring in craniosynostosis Dr. James Trevathan
12:50 pm Microfluidics testing device for home-based monitoring of sickle cell disease Dr. David Appleyard
1:05 pm MRI compatible motion platform Dr. James Trevathan
1:20 pm Reducing whole-body vibrations on neonatal transport Prof. Amit Nimunkar
1:35 pm Wearable devices to track body's posture and tension Prof. Amit Nimunkar
1:50 pm xDI: Rapid liquid 3D printing of patient specific wrist orthoses Dr. David Appleyard

BME 400: 3355 Engineering Hall

Time Project Advisor
12:05 pm Device trajectory accuracy measurement system for electromagnetic and Computed Tomography guidance Prof. Walter Block
12:20 pm Eradicating deep infection Prof. Walter Block
12:35 pm Incubator for Infant Wildlife Prof. Walter Block
12:50 pm Maternal health monitor Prof. Walter Block
1:05 pm Microfluidic device for a nanofabrication apparatus Prof. Walter Block
1:20 pm Stair assist bench Prof. Walter Block
1:35 pm xDI: Bone screw that prevents rotation Dr. Russ Johnson
1:50 pm xDI: Joint arthroscopy manikin for viable cartilage Dr. Russ Johnson
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